Findlay Group Cascade Plaza Banff Alberta Canada
Findlay Group Project Delivery

Established in 2011, Findlay Group Inc (FGI) is a real estate development services company focused on commercial and multi-residential projects in the Bow Valley, and beyond. Findlay Group is involved in the design process, development management, project management, budgeting, scheduling, managing full consultant teams, and all levels of permit processing.

Working with our consulting partners, FGI is able to provide a full range of services, ranging from preliminary site & land use evaluation, to full development cycle management. Whether this is your first project, or you’re an experienced developer, FGI can ensure project success.

Findlay Group Commercial Development

Mixed-use (commercial & residential) building in Canmore, Alberta.

Canmore Albera Development by Findlay Group
Cascade Shops Banff Alberta Canada

Cascade Shops: FGI was part of the original design team. Has recently undergone interior and exterior renovations. Located in Banff, AB.

Commercial Space: Earl’s Restaurant Located in Banff, AB.

Earls Banff Alberta by Findlay Group
Tony Roma's Banff Alberta by Findlay Group

Interior/ exterior renovation completed by FGI Located in Banff, AB.

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