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Findlay Group Project Delivery

Established in 2011, Findlay Group Inc (FGI) is a real estate development services company focused on commercial and multi-residential projects in the Bow Valley, and beyond. Findlay Group is involved in the design process, development management, project management, budgeting, scheduling, managing full consultant teams, and all levels of permit processing.

Working with our consulting partners, FGI is able to provide a full range of services, ranging from preliminary site and land use evaluation, to full development cycle management. Whether this is your first project, or you’re an experienced developer, FGI can ensure project success.

Findlay Group Development Management

At Findlay Group, our team is ready to help you pave the way for your next development project. From idea refinement and project strategy to project management and completion, we procure and manage the necessary consultants needed to ensure your project is a successful endeavour.

We are ready to coordinate every phase from defining your initial goals and strategy, to site identification and acquisition, zoning and approvals, design and construction, as well as supporting fundraising and financing efforts.


Our successful project team is ready to assist you in navigating and negotiating through the complex development process efficiently and effectively.

The Findlay Group team works with all stakeholders to resolve any issues that could cause your project to stall or cease while minimizing your costs and ensuring total project alignment.

Findlay Group Partners
Robb Findlay - Findlay Group Canmore
Findlay Group Robb


Master of Architecture | Bachelor of Arts 
Principal, Findlay Group Inc.


Findlay Group Inc. was established in 2011 by Robert Findlay following 25 years of experience as a design and project manager in Alberta, primarily in the Bow Valley.  Robb has been involved in the development of projects since 1986. The projects have varied in size from a 40-seat restaurant to a $72 million residential project.

Robb’s capacity of involvement has included: development/director, project manager, design/project architect, and owner. 

As the development lead, Robb is solely responsible for the Town of Canmore communication and coordination of the management group. Additionally, he will also be the main point of contact between the design/build contractor, and the client. 

Robb has over 28 years of experience working in the Bow Valley, and National Parks on a wide range of building types. He has a wealth of experience in multi-family, commercial, and affordable housing projects.

Findlay Group Jamie
MPM | Project Manager
Findlay Group Inc.

Jamie has worked in the real estate development field for the past 25 years as a development and project manager in Alberta, primarily in the Bow Valley. He spent 8 years with Attainable Homes Calgary, the affordable housing development arm of the City of Calgary, overseeing all aspects of project development, from site selection, land use, stakeholder engagement, consultant management, building partner selection and contract document development.

Through his work as an industry advocate and Development Manager at the City of Calgary owned Attainable Homes Calgary (AHCC), he specialized in developing innovative public/private partnerships to achieve affordable housing goals all along the housing continuum. The projects varied in size from small inventory purchases in existing projects, to full cycle development of land purchased from the Municipality, requiring extensive public engagement to achieve highest and best use through re-zoning, site planning, and development of mixed market affordable projects. 


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